Target Clientele

The Symposium is addressed to scientists (physiologists, neurobiologists, ethologists, zoologists, veterinarians); philosophers and jurists (whether teachers, researchers, practitioners or students); and representatives of animal-related professions (trainers, fishermen, keepers of zoological parks and aquariums or pet store owners); as well as representatives of animal protection NGOs, journalists specializing in science and animal life, and parliamentarians and government officials who are concerned about animal welfare.

Participants will be asked to present the following documents at the time of reception:

  • a national identity document (passport or national identity card)
  • a proof of status or membership of a non-profit organization
  • the confirmation note

Registration Terms and Conditions

Registrations are taken in the chronological order of their reception, within the limit of the 200 places available. We therefore invite you to register as soon as possible:

  • by using the online registration form

It will not be possible to register on site the day of the Symposium.

Formulaire d’inscription

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Participant Registration Fees

Registration is free of charge but mandatory. The registration includes all conference materials and sessions, as well as the access to a simultaneous translation service (English and French).

Confirmation of Registration

Registration is validated upon receipt of the confirmation note sent by the Fondation Droit animal, éthique et sciences (LFDA).

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