Scientific Events

To attain its objectives, the International Research Group in Animal Law (GRIDA) organizes scientific events and conferences, the purpose of which is to bring together researchers and students to explore the bases for a new understanding of “animal law” and its determinants. Every event organized by GRIDA provides a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and discussion among Canadian and international researchers as well as practitioners in the field who propose new and relevant outlooks on the legal and moral treatment of animals.

Animal Suffering: From Science to Law



The next animal law conference, organized by La Fondation Droit animal, éthique et sciences (LFDA) with the collaboration of the GRIDA, will be held in Paris on October 18-19, 2012


Does the Law Consider Animal Suffering?



Over one hundred and fifty-five people attended the second Animal Law Conference, organized by GRIDA on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (ON), on May 20, 2011. Such attendance shows that the GRIDA Conferences are now quintessential gatherings for all those who are concerned about animal welfare and security.


The Animal Within the Sphere of Human Needs

Affiche du coloque

Animal Law Conference held at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) in Montreal May 21-22, 2009

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