A word from the president

MarleneFollowing the success of the first Animal Law Conference held in Montreal in May 2009, the International Research Group in Animal Law (GRIDA) invites you to the second edition of this international event Does the Law Consider Animal Suffering?. Organized by GRIDA under the honorary presidency of the Honourable Marlene Jennings et de Ms. Alexandra Mendès, this bilingual event will deal with a range of issues related to animal suffering.

AlexandraMendesThe main goals of the conference will be to evaluate the state of our knowledge about animal suffering and to address the strategies implemented by different legal systems – international, European and Canadian – for the legal protection of animals against unnecessary suffering. The conference will provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchanges between Canadian and international researchers and practitioners who will have the opportunity to propose new and innovative outlooks on the legal treatment of animals. The overall goal is to continue the discussion that began in Montreal in 2009 relating to behaviors that human beings exhibit towards the animal species.

Although mainly a scientific and legal undertaking, the conference shall be open to researchers from other disciplines such as biology, zoology, philosophy and veterinary medicine. The event will be of interest to policy-makers, members of professional organizations, animal protection associations, scientific organizations and more generally to all those who are concerned with the use and exploitation of animals by human beings as well as sources of animal suffering they would like to see stopped or reduced.

We are grateful to our sponsors for providing this opportunity.

We look forward to exploring this vital issue with participants and speakers alike on Canadian Parliament Hill.

Martine Lachance



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